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  1. Girls dressed in "Hanfu" prepare for an event to mark the traditional Qixi festival, the

    Hanfu movement sweeps China in revival of traditional culture

    Li Doudou's grey kitten squeezes in next to her as she sits painstakingly applying makeup and putting up her hair in a bun adorned with elaborate ...
  2. chefs Andre Chiang and Jimmy Lim

    How chefs Andre Chiang and Jimmy Lim are modernising heritage foods

    The two chefs are leading the charge to bring heritage foods into the 21st century, in the hopes of preserving these culinary treasures. Here, ...
  3. Singapore National Monument St. Andrew_s Cathedral_mod

    15 national monuments to receive S$2.61m for restoration and maintenance

  4. Raffles: An Icon Reborn
    Media playtime

    Raffles: An Icon Reborn

    What does it take to restore a 132-year-old heritage hotel? Hard work, plenty of surprises and a 9-month delay. This is an exclusive look at ...
  5. Nuns visit the male section of the 'Maison Des Esclaves' slaves house, a gathering point

    Ghana cashes in on slave heritage tourism

    In a clearing at the turnoff to Assin Manso, a billboard depicts two African slaves in loincloths, their arms and legs in chains. Beside them are ...
  6. Palais Galliera Paris January 2020

    Why private donors are important in preserving a country's cultural heritage

    Conserving the past is a means of safeguarding the future.
  7. Maxwell Chambers Suites

    Maxwell Chambers Suites opens for preview ahead of grand opening

  8. A view shows Notre-Dame Cathedral after a massive fire devastated large parts of the gothic structu

    Commentary: The Notre-Dame the world needs

    The power of Notre-Dame to affect us goes beyond any intrinsic architectural worth, says Yale-NUS College Professor Jane M Jacobs.