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  1. Singapore collector heritage David Wee Collection_mod

    Missing a piece of old Singapore? This 'heritage keeper' has it in his home

    David Wee of Wee’s Collection has been collecting Singapore heritage items since he was 15 – and he also rents them out for events.
  2. Being black in SingaporAfrican family in colonial Java, 1600s; courtesy of Farish Noor

    Being black in Singapore: Our African history might go back to Bugis ancestry

    A new play at the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival looks at the history of black people in Singapore. (Also, did you know Sir Stamford Raffles was ...
  3. The Chetti Melaka come from Hindu roots, but honour many religions.

    Meet the Chetti Melaka, or Peranakan Indians, striving to save their vanishing culture

    There are around 200 of them in Singapore. There could be a few thousand more, but so little is known of the community that many don’t know their ...
  4. Singapore Shop signs composite_mod

    Vanishing charm: A look at Singapore’s disappearing hand-painted shop signs

    As part of Archifest 2018, design lecturer Vikas Kailankaje is holding a talk on a unique but overlooked feature of Singapore’s urban landscape – ...
  5. Hilmi Johandi Presidents Young Talents 2018 collage_mod

    The artist intrigued by an old Singapore he's too young to have experienced

    Singaporean artist Hilmi Johandi’s installation for the President’s Young Talents was inspired by the defunct Great World, New World and Happy ...
  6. Golden Mile CNA Insider 2 main

    From the occult to a derelict pool: 12 things about Golden Mile Complex you didn’t know

    There’s more to this CBD landmark than its seedy reputation, gaudy discos and Thai restaurants - where a community of Singaporeans and Thai ...
  7. Ember Rain 2

    Attendance and participation in the arts continued to rise in 2017: NAC survey

    Over half of Singaporeans - 54 per cent - attended at least one arts event in 2017.
  8. The statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in India's Gujarat state will stand 182 metres high when

    Commentary: Why India is building the world's tallest statue

    But swirling issues and controversies are putting this ambition on hold, says one observer.
  9. New Content Item

    Iraqi miniature shipbuilder celebrates Basra's naval heritage