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  1. Medication recall losartan singhealth polyclinic

    Patients worried after recall of high blood pressure medicine, but doctors say there is no cause for alarm

  2. Losartan Hyperten 50mg

    HSA recalls 3 brands of high blood pressure drugs over potentially harmful impurity

  3. FILE PHOTO - Logo of U.S. pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer Inc. is seen in Zurich

    Pfizer Japan recalls high blood pressure drug Amvalo due to carcinogen

    The Japanese subsidiary of Pfizer Inc is recalling a drug for high blood pressure which was found to contain a substance that can cause cancer, ...
  4. Eu Yan Sang Herbs Main

    Managing the 3 highs with TCM

    To tackle high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, TCM takes a holistic and customised approach
  5. Blood pressure medicine

    What the new blood pressure limits mean for Singaporeans