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  1. Ep 4
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    Ep 4: The Finish Line

    Since losing about 60kg some years ago, jogging has been a huge part of Chef Anthony’s life. Now, he wants to up his game and attempt an ...
  2. Woman executing barbell squats in gym

    Not just a workout trend: Why you should try high-intensity interval training

    Many inactive adults who tried a sampling of exercises preferred intense efforts to gentler workouts.
  3. Getting the most out of your gym membership

    Commentary: Why trend of ‘as many reps as possible’ workouts may be your best home exercise plan

    It’s likely this short and adaptable form of exercise can provide similar health benefits, says an observer.
  4. How to prevent and treat sports injuries 1

    Is your high intensity exercise regime causing you to get injured?

    Hardcore workouts like F45, bootcamp and spin are all the rage. But experts caution that too much of a good thing could end up hurting you instead.
  5. Barry's Bootcamp's signature Red Room

    Raffles Place now has Hollywood’s most extreme workout – Barry's Bootcamp

    Barry’s Bootcamp, the celeb-favourite gym from Los Angeles that pioneered the HIIT phenomenon, is finally here to put gym bunnies through their ...
  6. Blockbuster fitness HERO

    HIIT workouts and trampoline acrobatics: Sweat it out at 5 trendy fitness classes

    With a slew of trendy workouts making their way to Singapore, it’s never been more fun to get ripped, just in time for your summer vacay.