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  1. Members of Indo-Tibetan Border Police tend to people rescued after a Himalayan glacier broke and sw

    Rescuers search for about 170 missing after India glacier disaster, many believed trapped in tunnel

    Hundreds of military personnel were deployed in the Indian Himalayas on Monday to help find at least 125 people unaccounted for after a part of a ...
  2. Military trucks are parked outside the storage facilities at a supply depot in Leh

    India's Foreign Minister says trust with China 'disturbed' after border clash

    India's army chief said on Tuesday that he expected talks to lead to an amicable solution to the border crisis with China that escalated last year ...
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    A Deadly Ascent: Exploiting the Summit

    18 months after one of the deadliest climbing seasons, sherpas and concerned climbers from the mountaineering community question what can stop the ...
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    A Deadly Ascent: Summit Fever

    A year after the deadly 2019 season, climbers mourn those who lost their lives on Mt. Everest. Some question if stricter regulations are needed to ...