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  1. India's Temple-Mosque Conundrum
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    Ep 35: India's Temple-Mosque Conundrum

    Will the decision to award Hindus the right to build a temple on a disputed site propel India towards a new trajectory of turmoil?
  2. Savitri Prasad and her husband Gulshan pose after taking their wedding vows inside Savitri's p

    Amid Delhi's blood-letting, a Hindu bride weds in a Muslim neighbourhood

    As deadly clashes between Hindu and Muslim groups rocked parts of the Indian capital Delhi this week, the family of a young Hindu woman living in ...
  3. A Picture and its Story: A mob out for blood: India's protests pit Hindus against Muslims

    A mob out for blood: India's protests pit Hindus against Muslims

    Mohammad Zubair was on his way home from a local mosque in northeast New Delhi when he came across a large crowd. He turned towards an underpass ...
  4. Man brandishes a gun during a protest against a new citizenship law outside the Jamia Millia Islami

    Delhi shooter was quiet teenager who pushed Hindu cause online

    The 17-year-old boy left his home in a small north Indian town on Thursday morning after telling his grandfather he was going to school. Instead ...
  5. Manohar, newly-elected president of BCCI, speaks during a news conference in Mumbai

    ICC Chairman Manohar will not seek third term - report

    International Cricket Council (ICC) Chairman Shashank Manohar is to step down when his current term ends in May next year, Indian newspaper The ...