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  1. Hindus constitute about 12 percent of Sri Lanka's 21 million population, which is mainly

    Sri Lanka to ban animal sacrifices at Hindu temples

  2. People wait to check their names on the draft list at the National Register of Citizens (NRC) centr

    India leaves 4 million off Assam citizens' list, triggers fear

    More than 4 million people were excluded from a draft list of citizens released on Monday by a census official for India's northeastern border ...
  3. India santa

    Catholics detained for singing Christmas carols in Indian state

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    Police ask interfaith couples: Is it love or terror?

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    Indian police ask interfaith couples - Is it love or terror?

  6. Cast member Padukone poses at the premiere of "xXx: Return of Xander Cage" in Hollywood

    BJP condemns member who offered reward for 'Padmavati' actress Deepika Padukone's head

    The Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday ordered one of its senior members to apologise publicly after he offered a reward for anyone who beheaded ...
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    Indian police arrest suspected cow vigilantes after Muslim killed

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    Australian Hindus protest meat advertisement featuring Lord Ganesha

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    Bali airport shut for 24 hours as locals observe day of silence

    On Hari Nyepi (Day of Silence), which marks the new year for the Hindus of the island, no lights are turned on and no one is allowed outdoors.