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  1. US jobs

    US job openings slip as hiring hits all-time high

  2. Office worker heading to work.

    Commentary: Here's what will help students stand out in a competitive job market

    When it comes to making yourself employable, you need to be selective in your work experience, say the University of Aberdeen's Amy Irwin and Gabi ...
  3. NYSE Oct3

    Dow ends at second straight record after strong US data

  4. Singapore crowd file

    Commentary: Job seekers, do not settle for second choice 

    Job seekers have a good shot at their dream jobs if they are proactive in taking charge and navigating delays in the recruitment process, says one ...
  5. Daniel Ricciardo shows his hand tattooed with the number 3 and his tattoos on the thigh at the

    Commentary: Why millennials are uncovering tattoos at work

    Evidence seems to be growing that body art is not as much of a hurdle to employment as it was once thought to be, says one observer from the ...
  6. A worker arrives at his office in the Canary Wharf business district in London

    Commentary: Expats have an edge over locals. Here's why

    Local employees sometimes feel handicapped and frustrated when they see top jobs go to foreigners but there are important lessons to be drawn, ...
  7. People sit at bars along the Boat Quay in Singapore, on June 21, 2013

    Commentary: Why do companies still hire expat staff even though they seem to cost more?  

    Recent news of the average expat middle manager compensation package suggests expats may be paid more. Are Singaporeans less qualified? One NTU ...
  8. Pitch Perfect event: Benjamin Lee

    Want a job interview with Uber, Spotify or Chope? Make a pitch for it

    At the recruiting event Pitch Perfect on Aug 18, 13 job seekers were given three minutes each to pitch themselves to the recruiters from ...