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  1. Vegas tape

    Investigators search for millionaire gunman's motive in Las Vegas massacre

    Investigators worked feverishly on Tuesday to find out why a retired millionaire accountant gunned down at least 59 people and wounded over 500 ...
  2. New Content Item

    Woman jailed 7 years for trying to extort from kidnapped brothers

    Judy Wee Aye Fong was the main link to the mastermind of a plot to kidnap the brothers and extort US$250,000 from them after a million-dollar deal ...
  3. justin tan

    He 'lived life to the fullest': Father of NTU student who died in Slovakia

    Justin Tan, 23, died in Slovakia after a tree fell on the car he was driving during a storm.
  4. Fidel's Urn

    Cuban TV shows urn containing Fidel Castro's ashes

    The dark wood, rectangular box was placed inside a room at the armed forces ministry, where Raul Castro was flanked by military and civilian ...
  5. alistair brownlee

    Triathlon: Brother props up Jonny Brownlee in dramatic finish

    Alistair Brownlee, was in third place and came from behind to the aid of his exhausted brother, propping him up and pushing him over the line in ...
  6. New Content Item

    Olympics: Grumpy discus champ Harting says 'sorry'

    Germany's Harting, whose older brother and defending Olympic champion Robert failed to qualify for the finals due to a strained back, threw a ...