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  1. Girls dressed in "Hanfu" prepare for an event to mark the traditional Qixi festival, the

    Hanfu movement sweeps China in revival of traditional culture

    Li Doudou's grey kitten squeezes in next to her as she sits painstakingly applying makeup and putting up her hair in a bun adorned with elaborate ...
  2. NAS conservator (3)

    Finding yourself - and your roots - in the National Archives

  3. Many critics have expressed anger that the Hohenzollerns are trying to get back treasures, depleting

    Last German kaiser's heirs fight for riches lost behind Iron Curtain

    A century after Germany's monarchy was abolished, some of its blue-blooded descendants are riding back into battle to reclaim what they see as ...
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    Ep 2: Hope And Change

    This episode of India on Film reveals an India on the cusp of change, in an era of epic transitions. Be transported to 1926, where the new Viceroy ...
  5. I am Eurasian and Singaporean – same same

    Commentary: I am Eurasian and Singaporean – same same

    Mistaken for a Filipino or a Thai before, Julia D’Silva says Eurasians embody what Singapore is – a melting pot of cultures.