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    Ep 4: Majapahit

    700 years ago, the Majapahit united Indonesia's isles to found a trading empire whose networks stretched across the globe. Curator and scholar ...
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    Ep 3: Angkor

    Curator and scholar Peter Lee visits Angkor to discover how, a thousand years ago, the ancient Khmer overcame nature to thrive, leaving behind ...
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    Ep 2: Bagan

    900 years ago, the Bagan Empire united Myanmar and transformed into a world centre of Buddhism. Curator and scholar Peter Lee explores how it grew ...
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    Ep 1: Ayutthaya

    500 years ago, Thailand’s Ayutthaya was one of the world’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities. Curator and scholar Peter Lee charts its ...
  5. A frame in time ep3
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    Ep 3: Trishaw Rider

    Lai Foong Moi painted the Trishaw Rider in 1961. It is more than a portrait of everyday life in Singapore. Depicted at a moment of rest and ...
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    Ep 2: National Language Class

    A Frame in Time takes you on an intimate journey of the birth of modern Singapore. Exploring the anti-colonial sentiment of the 1950s, the Merdeka ...
  7. a frame in time ep1 - here they come
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    Ep 1: Here They Come

    Singapore 1965. Food was prepared, sold and enjoyed on the streets. Itinerant, illegal hawkers moved around with wooden pushcarts, while temporary ...
  8. Su Yen Wong & Fermin Diaz

    Old Chinatown and satay men: Why this couple collects nostalgic Singapore art

    Su-Yen Wong and Fermin Diez’s collection of paintings by pioneering Singapore artists is their way of safeguarding a piece of the little red dot’s ...
  9. PGA: Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard - Final Round

    Holder McIlroy looking to make history at Players

    For Rory McIlroy there are good and bad top five finishes but anything except a win at this week's Players Championship would be a disappointment ...