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  1. I am Eurasian and Singaporean – same same

    Commentary: I am Eurasian and Singaporean – same same

    Mistaken for a Filipino or a Thai before, Julia D’Silva says Eurasians embody what Singapore is – a melting pot of cultures.
  2. Part of an excavation site where a huge prehistoric settlement was discovered by Israeli archaeolog

    Prehistoric city offers glimpse of ancient living near Jerusalem

    A huge prehistoric settlement discovered near Jerusalem by Israeli archaeologists offers new insight into how civilizations developed around the ...
  3. Street directories Mighty Minds

    In the age of online maps, who needs street directories anymore?

    While street directories face obsolescence as navigational tools, supporters say current editions are still some of the most up-to-date sources of ...
  4. A split gate at the Sang Nila Utama Garden

    Nine historical gardens open at Fort Canning Park

  5. Light projection during Act 1 of From Singapore To Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience

    'Reverse' rain to feature in immersive, multisensory Bicentennial Experience showcase

  6. A laborer sits on top of the debris of a monastery damaged during the 2015 earthquake, in Swayambhu

    Commentary: Years after deadly earthquake, Kathmandu rises from the rubble

    The human toll and damage to Nepalese culture from the 2015 earthquake was huge, says Queen's University Belfast Urmi Sengupta.