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  1. An old suitcase filled with ribbons

    Like to keep stuff you don’t need? How to find out if you’re a hoarder

    One in 50 people in Singapore display hoarding behaviour. How do you convince yourself to let things go – especially for Chinese New Year spring ...
  2. Room cluttered with hats and clothes

    5 things you learn after living with a compulsive hoarder mum

    Why can’t they just throw their stuff away? It’s not that simple, says a Singaporean, who spent her childhood and teenage years living with a hoarder.
  3. heartache, heart broken elderly man travelling on the bus

    Commentary: 'A crushing sensation' - decluttering sparks heartache, distress in hoarders

    After experiencing loss, many fill the void in their hearts with stuff, says Dr Kelvin Ng Lin Chieh at the Institute of Mental Health.