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  1. Orthodox Christian bishops lead a prayer from the church of St Trinity monastery on the eve of the

    Christian pilgrims pray for miracles at Bulgarian holy site

    Nadia Mironova drove 350 km with her ill eight-year-old son to a small monastery in southern Bulgaria, trusting, like hundreds of other Christian ...
  2. Boudhanath Stupa

    Nepal's quake-damaged Boudhanath stupa reopens

    The white-domed golden stupa - the country's largest and one of the holiest sites of pilgrimage in Tibetan Buddhism - was left with deep cracks ...
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    Pope gives priests permanent right to pardon abortion

    Pope Francis declared Monday (Nov 21) that all priests would have the right to forgive abortion, making permanent a temporary measure put in place ...
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    Haj goes high-tech for bloodless Eid sacrifices

    The more than 1.8 million pilgrims from around the world participating in the haj had the option of computerised coupons to order a sacrifice on ...
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    Pain lingers one year after haj tragedy in Saudi

    Despite being emotionally scarred by the death of two childhood friends during last year's haj stampede, Muhammad Sani has still returned to Saudi ...