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  1. How to make coming home from vacation less painful

    Pre-travel checklist: How to make coming home from a vacation less painful

    Consider doing these errands and chores before heading out for a holiday. They can make coming home almost as pleasant as the vacation itself.
  2. Wallich Residences penthouse Singapore

    Inside a S$20 million penthouse, with James Dyson as your neighbour

    The owners of this four-bedroom penthouse in Wallich Residences will be neighbours with James Dyson, who recently acquired the development’s ...
  3. Person vacuuming the sofa

    16 disgusting home items you’re probably not cleaning often enough

    When was the last time you wiped the insides of the microwave or washed your coffee maker?
  4. A couple doing home renovations

    How to plan your home renovation budget to avoid unwanted surprises

    From weighing your wants and needs to the simple act of having an Excel spreadsheet, these tips will ensure that house makeover won’t be a painful ...
  5. How to mix cocktails

    No need for bar sets: Mixing great cocktails at home is easier than you think

    All it takes is a handful of well-designed tools.
  6. How to childproof your home HERO

    Childproofing 101: How to keep your home safe for your child

    A checklist that covers everything on where to position the crib to why it is important to install a carbon monoxide detector.
  7. 5 often overlooked budgeting steps when renting in Singapore

    Renting in Singapore? Here are 5 budgeting steps that are often overlooked

    From utilities and transport to your property agent's commission, here's what to keep in mind when thinking about how much to spend on rent.
  8. 99co Lighting your home 1

    How to choose the right lighting for your home

    The best way to choose the right lighting for your home is to consider the purpose of each room, and then select lights accordingly.
  9. 99 co redecorating tips 1

    Six redecorating tips for rented homes that will not annoy the landlord

    How to make a space your own when you can't put down permanent roots
  10. 5 ways to maintain carpet

    5 ways to maintain carpeted floors in Singapore's hot and humid climate

    Treat your rugs and carpeted floors with care and they'll be good to you, too.