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    Poorer kids may have less shade in their schoolyards

  2. A crane is used to put the last piece of the Arc Majeur, a 60-meter arch designed by French artist

    Massive steel sculpture takes pride of place on Belgian highway

    A 60-metre tall semi-circle of steel cast to look from a distance like a towering but incomplete ring, is set to surprise drivers taking a scenic ...
  3. CNA Lifestyle

    Neighbors frown at California emoji house's 'bullying' paint job

  4. FILE PHOTO: The mummy of boy pharaoh King Tutankhamun is on display in his newly renovated tomb in

    Tutankhamun golden coffin under restoration for the first time

    Experts have begun restoration work on the golden-plated coffin of Egypt's boy-king Tutankhamun for the first time since the discovery of the tomb ...
  5. CNA Lifestyle

    Man held after climbing gates of London's Buckingham Palace

  6. New Content Item

    Fed Cup gets revamp with 12-nation Finals in Budapest in 2020

  7. Aerialist Wallenda walks the highwire with his sister Lijana over Times Square in New York

    'Flying Wallendas' cross Times Square on high wire

    A brother and sister tightrope act crossed Times Square on a high wire 25 floors above the New York landmark on Sunday night.
  8. Swedish Olympic Committee President Arjes attends a media briefing in Lausanne

    Olympics: Stockholm Olympic bidders confident Swedes will back 2026 Games

    Officials for Stockholm's 2026 Winter Olympics bid believe the majority of Swedes will eventually back the project if the city wins the Games on ...
  9. The gun believed to be used by Vincent Van Gogh to shoot himself on July 27, 1890, in Auvers-sur-Oi

    Pistol that Van Gogh used to shoot himself sells for US$145,000

    The gun Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh is believed to have used to commit suicide in France in 1890, shooting himself in the chest after years of ...