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  1. what you need to know about buying property in singapore CNA Lifestyle

    Property tips: The 5Cs of buying a home that every Singaporean should know

    Forget cash, car, credit card, condominium and country club membership. Here's a look at the housing 5Cs, from capital to cooling measures to ...
  2. Oasis Terraces neighbourhood centre

    Making a move to Punggol? 5 residential picks near the new neighbourhood centre

    With the seven-storey Oasis Terraces having features such as a late-night supermarket and a 24-hour fitness centre, you might want to consider ...
  3. what you need to know about HDB loans CNA Lifestyle (1)

    Thinking of getting a HDB loan? Here's what you need to know before you sign it

    Did you know a HDB loan doesn't always cover 90 per cent of your flat price? Or that the interest rate isn't really "fixed" the whole time? These ...
  4. How HDB's new exercise can help flat buyers

    How HDB’s new exercise will help flat buyers own homes the next day

    Starting from the middle of this year, you’ll be able to book a flat the day after your application.
  5. HDB schemes grants

    5 HDB schemes that Singaporeans might be clueless about

    One of them may benefit buyers of ECs.
  6. Visitors at the Stirling Residences showflat

    Visiting your first showflat? How to avoid being pressured into buying

    Because you don't want to be walking out with a seven-digit bill that takes 25 years to pay.