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  1. How HDB's new exercise can help flat buyers

    How HDB’s new exercise will help flat buyers own homes the next day

    Starting from the middle of this year, you’ll be able to book a flat the day after your application.
  2. HDB schemes grants

    5 HDB schemes that Singaporeans might be clueless about

    One of them may benefit buyers of ECs.
  3. Visitors at the Stirling Residences showflat

    Visiting your first showflat? How to avoid being pressured into buying

    Because you don't want to be walking out with a seven-digit bill that takes 25 years to pay.
  4. 99co Shophouse

    Old is gold: 9 reasons to buy a shophouse (instead of a condo)

    They hold their value, there's lots of space and have loads of history. But also, it's just cool to say you live in one.
  5. Landlord tenant reasons rejected

    Renting in Singapore: The most common reasons a landlord might reject you

    Landlords can be choosy when it comes to accepting tenants, too.
  6. The unbearable heaviness of clutter messy

    Your cluttered home could be stressing you out, researchers learn

    The findings add to a growing body of evidence that clutter can negatively impact mental well-being, particularly among women.