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  1. homeless singapore

    About 1,000 homeless people live on Singapore’s streets: Study

  2. las vegas homeless man

    Anger over Las Vegas ban on sleeping in streets

  3. U.S. President Trump visits a section of the U.S.-Mexico border wall in Otay Mesa

    Trump orders environmental notice to San Francisco on homeless

    President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he had given the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency less than a week to issue a notice to the city of ...
  4. More homeless Americans living in their cars | Video
    Media playtime

    More homeless Americans living in their cars | Video

    In many US cities, rising rental costs and a lack of affordable housing have led to a rise in homelessness. This includes a growing number of ...
  5. Taiwan people homeless Taipei

    In Taiwan, homeless situation worsens as income gap widens

  6. (dp) homeless survey 1

    Homeless stereotypes busted: Most hold jobs, have been destitute for over a year

    3 in 5 of those surveyed hold jobs, many full-time; 1 in 4 have been on the streets for more than five years; and half are aged 41-59