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  1. Singapore toy collector's house

    Home Tour: A house in Tanjong Katong with a toy collector's dream room

    The owner’s childhood home becomes the site for a new house that accommodates the needs of his multi-generational family.
  2. Tropical glamour house

    Home Tour: A sprawling Good Class Bungalow designed like a tropical resort

    Indoor and outdoor spaces flow seamlessly within this family home, making the most of Singapore’s balmy climate.
  3. Kim Cheng HDB estate

    Is it really that bad an idea to buy a 40-year-old resale HDB flat?

    These flats are halfway through their lease. Are they worth the price?
  4. Woman sitting outside at her home's outdoor space

    Think your outdoor space needs improvement? Here's where to begin

    If you’re lucky enough to have one – but think it’s in need of a makeover – here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.
  5. BTO or resale HDB HERO

    Should you buy a BTO or resale HDB flat? What to consider if you're a first-timer

    The classic newbie homebuyer's dilemma is whether to buy BTO or resale. Here's what to consider when making your decision.
  6. Orchard Residences

    An apartment above ION Orchard: Designed for families, brimming with Italian flair

    The work of Topic Design Studio, this apartment at The Orchard Residences pairs elegant, well-crafted Italian furniture with glamorous accents.
  7. The heavy veins of the feature wall are the focal point of the living room

    Home Tour: A super-chic monochromatic house made for entertaining

    Design studio Minimo fulfils a husband’s heartfelt wish by transforming his wife’s childhood home into a stylish haven.
  8. Illustration of a couple standing on a stack of cash

    You busted the BTO income ceiling. What are your housing options now?

    If you and your partner's combined income is more than S$12,000, making you ineligible for a BTO flat, here’s what to do.
  9. Hero Old but convenient estates to rent in

    5 of the oldest but most convenient HDB estates to rent a flat in

    If you’re looking for ease of living, look no further than these mature estates with lots of character.
  10. A family moving into a new home

    Need to move out of your home unexpectedly? Here’s what to do

    Take these decisive steps to find a temporary home fast.