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  1. Can investing in Southeast Asian art really make you money?

    Can investing in Southeast Asian art really make you money?

    As global interest in art from this underrated region grows, owning local art could turn out to be a savvy investment – but only if you have the ...
  2. Jacelyn Tay lifehacks

    Jacelyn Tay's time-saving hacks for busy mums without helpers

    Even if you do have a helper, Tay says her tips would make it easier for yourself when your helper goes on leave.
  3. Johor-home-of-a-businessman

    Haven on Earth: In Johor, the sprawling home of a businessman and his family

    Overlooking a golf course, this 16,000 sq ft multi-generational family home in Horizon Hills, Johor, is designed specifically around its ...
  4. Making Room 510 sq ft HDB flat Hero (2)

    Transforming a 510 sq ft HDB flat to accommodate a couple's eclectic passions

    CNA Lifestyle’s Making Room series looks at small homes with big transformations. This week, we visit a three-room resale flat with some simple ...
  5. The Pulse
    Media playtime

    The Pulse - How far should restrictions on smoking go?

    Sick of secondhand smoke wafting into your flat as your neighbour smokes at his window? Should there be curbs on smoking in homes?
  6. London luxury property market

    London’s property market: Is it still as buzzworthy compared to a decade ago?

    In the midst of a health crisis, and an attendant recession, flashy interiors and price tags in the tens of millions are more likely to alienate ...
  7. Principal garden Prestige Global Designs house tour hero

    For a young Singapore family, this colourful apartment is a whimsical haven

    The designers of this 2,347 sq ft apartment played with accents and textures to inject a sense of joy into the space, furnished with the ...
  8. Samaja Sejo Private Residences Tioman

    Fancy a property by the beach? You can soon own a vacation home in Tioman

    Singapore-based Selo Group has partnered with Impiana Hotels Berhad to launch a vacation home project on Malaysia’s Tioman Island. 23 private ...
  9. Singapore house

    A Singapore home with a three-storey ‘loudspeaker’ to call everyone to mealtimes

    While looking for a new home, a family of six found the perfect place in this 13,000 sq ft bungalow designed by RT+Q Architects. The house – with ...
  10. Dragon Lodge Hong Kong

    Hong Kong’s infamous ‘haunted’ mansion: Mystery, myth and superstition

    Despite occupying some of the most valuable real estate on earth – Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak – Dragon Lodge remains unoccupied, leading locals to ...