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  1. Cat owner renting a place 99co hero unsplash-paul-hanaoka

    Looking to rent a place with your cat? Make sure you follow these steps

    From renting unfurnished properties to keeping that S$3,000 curtain away from kitty’s claws, here are things to keep both your cat and your ...
  2. Leaking ceiling neighbour property damage 99co 2

    Does your ceiling leak? What to do when a neighbour’s property damage spreads to yours

    Whether it’s a water leak or an electrical fire from next door or upstairs, it can be a headache trying to deal with your neighbours. But there ...
  3. Modern House inspired by Architectural History

    This Singapore home pays tribute to both architectural history and family ties

    RT+Q Architects integrates its diverse influences from the classical to the Baroque in a multi-generational home that’s made for family bonding.
  4. Renting key

    8 useful tips to make the renting process stress-free for tenants

    From writing your first enquiry email to what to check on the Tenancy Agreement, here's how to make renting easier for you.
  5. storage solution main

    Storage solutions: How to maximise every inch of your shoebox flat

    From ottomans to storage ladders, here are nine why-didn’t-I-think-of-that storage hacks that will significantly reduce clutter.
  6. Private property Main

    5 reasons why buying private property is more affordable than you think

    Home ownership – even for private residential units – is surprisingly affordable to first-time buyers.
  7. What your mortgage bankers forgot to tell you about home loans

    What your mortgage bankers 'forgot' to tell you about home loans

    Things to be aware of include freebies that might have to be returned and interest rates that won't stay low for very long.
  8. How to maximise a small kitchen

    Tiny kitchen? Here's how to get the most out of a small cooking space

    Forget that kitchen island you think is pretty. These design ideas offer extra space and storage and they cost you next to nothing.
  9. Which type of flat is best investment

    Which type of HDB flat gives the best returns: 3-room, 4-room or 5-room?

    A look at the price movements of HDB flats over a period of 15 years – geographically – reveals some interesting trends.