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  1. A man eats lunch at the Aegis, a Taipei restaurant started by a Hong Kong lawyer which helps

    Hong Kong protesters seek sanctuary overseas as noose tightens

    Hong Kong protester Crystal has yet to tell her parents she has fled overseas to seek asylum in Canada, one of a growing number of residents ...
  2. A fireman inspects a jar of fertiliser thrown inside Hong Kong's legislature

    Banana, bean cake and fertiliser stunts in Hong Kong's legislature

    Outnumbered and with the rule book written against them, Hong Kong's pro-democracy lawmakers have embraced rotten plants, red bean cakes, bananas ...
  3. A pro-democracy demonstrator wearing a face mask waves the British colonial Hong Kong flag as anoth

    US firms concerned as tensions simmer in Hong Kong over looming legislation

    A survey of U.S. businesses on Wednesday revealed deep fears for the future of their operations in Hong Kong if China imposes national security ...
  4. Chinese flag flutters at the office of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Regio

    Commentary: Protests in Hong Kong may soon be a thing of the past

    The passage of a decision for China to draft a national security bill through the National People’s Congress may change whether protests are ...