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    Ep 4: Embassy Under Siege

    Armed rebels have seized 89 people in the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok, and Thai negotiators must stop them from killing hostages every half an hour ...
  2. The Negotiators
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    Ep 3: Sydney Siege

    Police negotiators are called in to a local welfare office. 27 people have been taken hostage by an armed couple threatening to blow everyone up ...
  3. The Negotiators
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    Ep 2: Taipei Hostage Crisis

    Taiwan's most-wanted criminal holds a South African diplomat's family hostage at gunpoint. Negotiators find themselves trying to do their work in ...
  4. The Negotiators
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    Ep 1: Pirate Hijack

    A pro bono team of hostage negotiators take on a near-impossible case - help free 26 fishermen who have been held hostage by Somali pirates for ...
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    Two Malaysian hostages found safe in Philippines

    Tayudin Anjut, 45, and Abdurahim Sumas, 62, were abandoned by the Abu Sayyaf gunmen before dawn near their coastal forest hideout on the remote ...