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  1. Surgeon Zalazun looks at monitor displaying donor kidney for patient Abernathy, who participated in

    Commentary: Promote expressed consent, even with presumed consent in organ donation

    Increasing the supply of organs available for transplant is the key goal of policies governing deceased organ donation but there are other ...
  2. Lebanon's leading paediatric heart surgeon Issam al-Rassi each week sets aside a day to operate

    Commentary: Timely to review our opt-out organ donation policy

    Despite significant progress since the Human Organ Transplant Act was passed, the wait for an actual organ remains long. Yale-NUS College's Jean ...
  3. New Content Item

    Progressive culture needed to balance faith with societal changes: Yaacob

    Speaking at a conference discussing challenges Muslims face in the contemporary world, Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim ...