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  1. hundred palms EC 2

    Hundred Palms EC in Hougang sells out in 7 hours

  2. Hougang MRT incident man led away by police

    Man who left bag unattended at Hougang MRT station fined

    Wang Jianpo, 39, pleaded guilty to causing a public nuisance by leaving his suitcase unattended at the station while he went to run an errand.
  3. rio casa

    Rio Casa sold for S$575m in en bloc deal

  4. New Content Item

    2 new Zika cases confirmed at Poh Huat Terrace, Terrasse Lane

    NEA says it was notified of the cluster on Tuesday and it has started operations to kill mosquitoes in the area.
  5. rio casa

    Former Hougang HUDC estate Rio Casa up for en bloc sale

    Each unit is expected to get in excess of S$1.5 million, according to Knight Frank Singapore, the marketing agent for the development.
  6. Zika Simon Place 2

    Two new cases of Zika confirmed at Flower Road, Hendry Close

    Both of the new cases of infection are residents in the area and efforts to control the mosquito population are ongoing, says the National ...
  7. Hougang MRT incident man led away by police

    Temporary closure of Hougang MRT station due to unattended bag; man arrested

    SBS Transit had announced at 2.55pm that all trains were skipping Hougang MRT station due to a "security incident".
  8. Photo illustration of a hand holding a knife. (Photo: Channel NewsAsia)

    Man charged for stabbing, strangling pet Maltese to death

    He allegedly used a piece of cloth and a leash to strangle his pet dog, a Maltese named Sweet Sweet, before he stabbed it to death.