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  1. UNDATED — BC-TRAVEL-TIMES-KINDNESS-TIPS-ART-NYTSF — A guide to being a kinder traveler. (Lars Leeta

    Beyond patience and basic manners: How to be a kinder traveller

    A kinder traveller is someone who is more mindful and who shows genuine interest in the people we interact with.
  2. Dry cleaning wool sweaters

    Back from holiday and thinking of dry cleaning your wool sweaters? Don’t bother

    Dry cleaning fluid can be very caustic on fine wools. Besides, wool is an animal’s hair – and animals don’t get dry cleaned. They go out in the rain.
  3. UAW workers strike at the Bowling Green facility

    GM, UAW clash over how to reach deal to end lengthy strike

    General Motors and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union clashed late Thursday over how to end a 25-day strike that has cost the company over US$1 ...
  4. Curvy dressing HERO

    How to dress to flatter your body when you’re not stick thin

    Embrace your shapeliness and boost your body confidence by learning to work with your curvaceous figure.
  5. Air-conditioner air-conditioning optimal cooling compressor

    Feeling warm at home? Turning up your air-con at full blast might not be the best solution

    There’s more to cooling down your flat than just lowering the temperature settings. From where they’re placed to having the right "BTU", here are ...
  6. How to make your clothes last longer

    Buy less, save money: Practical ways to make your clothes last longer

    Should you keep or chuck the plastic cover after the trip to the dry-cleaners? Here’s the answer, as well as all you should know about washing and ...
  7. How to, Maybe, Be Less Indecisve (or Not) Hero

    Do you have a hard time making decisions about everything? There are ways to overcome that

    5 strategies for spending less time agonising over decisions and more time appreciating the results.
  8. How to look taller style tip CNA Lifestyle

    Style tip: How to look taller than you really are – it isn't just about heels

    The right pants, skirts and, most importantly, proportions, can give your style factor a boost in more ways than one.
  9. Denim for SEXY BUTT Main

    The denim guide: How to make your butt look amazing in jeans

    Big butt? Flat butt? No more buts when it comes to finding the cheekiest pair of jeans that’ll work for you.
  10. Denim for THUNDER THIGHS main

    The denim guide: Score the perfect pair of jeans to slim down thunder thighs

    The right jeans are a lightning-fast way to gain more gazelle-like gams.