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  1. UAW workers strike at the Bowling Green facility

    GM, UAW clash over how to reach deal to end lengthy strike

    General Motors and the United Auto Workers (UAW) union clashed late Thursday over how to end a 25-day strike that has cost the company over US$1 ...
  2. Curvy dressing HERO

    How to dress to flatter your body when you’re not stick thin

    Embrace your shapeliness and boost your body confidence by learning to work with your curvaceous figure.
  3. England Nets

    Stokes threat keeps Aussie skipper Paine awake at night

    It is nine days since Ben Stokes hit a remarkable 135 not out to win the third test of the Ashes series at Headingley, and as he prepares for the ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Chelsea Press Conference with Frank Lampard

    Goals the big issue for returning Chelsea great Lampard

    If Frank Lampard is still Chelsea manager in a year's time it will be because he has succeeded in solving the club's most pressing problem - how ...
  5. Air-conditioner air-conditioning optimal cooling compressor

    Feeling warm at home? Turning up your air-con at full blast might not be the best solution

    There’s more to cooling down your flat than just lowering the temperature settings. From where they’re placed to having the right "BTU", here are ...
  6. How to make your clothes last longer

    Buy less, save money: Practical ways to make your clothes last longer

    Should you keep or chuck the plastic cover after the trip to the dry-cleaners? Here’s the answer, as well as all you should know about washing and ...
  7. New Content Item

    Kohli oozes calm and explains how he fakes it

  8. How to, Maybe, Be Less Indecisve (or Not) Hero

    Do you have a hard time making decisions about everything? There are ways to overcome that

    5 strategies for spending less time agonising over decisions and more time appreciating the results.
  9. FILE PHOTO: PGA: U.S. Open - Final Round

    Golf-No problem for US Open champion Woodland

    U.S. Open winner Gary Woodland is enjoying life as a newly-crowned major champion but has quickly realised that the biggest adjustment since his ...
  10. FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump and China's President Xi Jinping shake hands after mak

    Explainer: US-China trade talks: where they are and what's at stake

    U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed this week to meet at the G20 summit in Japan in late June to discuss how to ...