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  1. Sugar Image 1

    Sugar, the sweet danger you've been ignoring

    There is hidden sugar in what we eat and drink. Here is what you need to know to get sugar-savvy.
  2. bubble tea file photo

    Sweeter than soda? The hidden sugars in bubble tea

  3. 5 things you did not know about proteins

    5 things you did not know about proteins

    Protein is the backbone of a healthy diet. How much does one need and are there sources that are better than others? We help you figure this out ...
  4. favourite foods you did not know are wholegrains

    8 favourite foods you did not know are wholegrains

    There is a surprising array of wholegrain foods beyond brown rice and multigrain bread that will help you eat healthier, easily
  5. Common Food Myths Busted

    Busted: 7 common diet myths

    In an age of information overload, one will be forgiven for being confused about healthy eating. We help you sort through the facts.
  6. How to eat healthier

    To eat healthier, start small

    Small steps are the way forward if you’re determined to build healthier eating habits
  7. HPB 2

    Commentary: Healthier options ‘killing the hawker vibe’? Why so resistant, Singaporeans?

    Are HPB's attempts to introduce healthier options in hawker centres futile? One dietitian discusses why Singaporeans seem so resistant.
  8. HPB

    More support for SMEs to conduct health programmes

  9. bakerzin mooncake

    Mooncake madness: Why overindulging on these festive treats could be a health risk

    The good news is that some retailers now offer healthier alternatives.
  10. Formula milk file 1

    Nutrition and health claims to be prohibited on formula milk: AVA

    AVA will prohibit the use nutrition and health claims, as well as images that make drinking formula milk look attractive, in response to a market ...