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  1. huang jing

    Banned academic Huang Jing resigns as Keppel Land director

  2. huang jing

    LKY School’s Professor Huang Jing identified as ‘agent of influence of a foreign country’: MHA

    The Singapore Permanent Residency of Prof Huang and his wife – both US citizens – have been cancelled by Singapore authorities.
  3. Asia Default Image

    China’s Xi to tighten grip on party discipline at key meeting

    About 200 members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will meet in Beijing for the Sixth Plenum, which starts on Monday.
  4. Beijing skyline, Beijing city

    China's Sixth Plenum: How could it shape the country's political future?

    China's most elite Communist Party cadres will gather in Beijing for a four-day meeting from Monday (Oct 24). We look at how this gathering may ...