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  1. A view of Singapore's central business district.

    Commentary: Use the right lamp to light the way forward on inequality

    Oxfam’s Commitment to Reducing Inequality is a poor framework by which we should judge how well Singapore is doing on combating inequality, says ...
  2. O Level students

    Commentary: Here’s what Singapore’s human capital index in a world of disruption should look like

    The World Bank Human Capital Index released this week doesn’t quite gauge how ready our youths are facing a volatile, uncertain, complex and ...
  3. TAFEP 10 years

    Programme launched to recognise progressive employers

    Called the Human Capital Partnership (HCP), it will bring together employers who have invested in nurturing their employees and are adopting ...
  4. New Content Item

    New national framework for HR professionals aims to raise standards

    The National Human Resource Professional Certification Framework will be piloted from Oct 24, and is expected to be fully launched in the middle ...