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  1. woman boss

    Commentary: How to give feedback to your boss without getting into trouble

    Giving leaders feedback builds stronger teams but do it in a positive manner requesting for support, says Crystal Lim-Lange.
  2. office workers raffles place singapore file photo 4

    Commentary: Annual performance reviews - an archaic HR practice we must disrupt

    COVID-19 makes it difficult to administer and manage the annual performance reviews in any case, so it is timely to introduce more relevant ...
  3. Sick work

    Commentary: Zombie employees and the cost of poor engagement at work

    A lack of motivation isn’t just a personal problem. It can impact company revenues, say two organisation development experts from PACE OD Consulting.
  4. New Content Item

    Turning a hobby into a career - why some do it

    Attitudes toward work and life have evolved, and definitions of what makes the good life are being challenged, say local human resource academics.