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  1. Sick work

    Commentary: Zombie employees and the cost of poor engagement at work

    A lack of motivation isn’t just a personal problem. It can impact company revenues, say two organisation development experts from PACE OD Consulting.
  2. New Content Item

    Standard Chartered Singapore to roll out 20-week paid maternity leave

    New adoptive mothers will also get the 20-week paid leave, the bank says.
  3. Manesar 2012 riot

    India court jails 13 for life over murder at car plant

    The court last week convicted a total of 31 workers, including 13 for murder, after hundreds of employees clashed with managers over wages and ...
  4. New Content Item

    ‘Fair outcome’ reached for 54 sacked Surbana workers: Manpower Ministry

    The episode serves as a reminder to employers that termination should be conducted in a responsible and sensitive manner, says Manpower Minister ...