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  1. Ep 7
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    Ep 7: A Deadly Gamble (Philippines)

    We go deep inside the world of online gambling in the Philippines, where despite being linked to crimes like kidnapping and human trafficking, it ...
  2. Insight FY2021 ep 27
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    Ep 27: Poverty In Asia: India

    COVID-19 has sent India's once red hot economy into a tailspin and left tens of millions of people jobless. But it's the poor who've been hit the ...
  3. Vietnam's Trafficked Brides
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    Ep 13: Vietnam's Trafficked Brides

    Thousands of Vietnamese girls have been trafficked into China and forced to marry Chinese men. Can the practice be stopped?
  4. (cy) kidnapped wives
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    Kidnapped brides: The Vietnamese women sold as wives in China

    Women from poor rural areas in Vietnam are being kidnapped or lured across the border to China, to be sold off as wives. China's huge gender ...
  5. Behind The Story on The Vietnamese Child Bride
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    Behind The Story on The Vietnamese Child Bride

    Vietnamese women are being kidnapped and sold as brides to Chinese bachelors. CNA Insight Producer Melissa Chi talks about filming a story that ...