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  1. Australia's Foreign Minister Marise Payne pledged $80 million to combat human trafficking in

    Australia pledges US$55 million to fight human trafficking in Southeast Asia

    Australia pledged US$55 million to fight human trafficking in Southeast Asia on Thursday, vowing to tackle "modern slavery" ensnaring vulnerable ...
  2. UK Home Office

    More than 500 suspected slaves locked up by Britain last year

  3. (pp) cybersex story2

    'We didn't have much to eat': Poverty pushes some kids towards paid sex abuse in the Philippines

    In the second part of an investigation into the online streaming of child sex abuse, a victim recounts what happened to her and experts explain ...
  4. New Content Item

    Spain arrests 155 over Chinese human trafficking ring

  5. Crime generic (2)

    British hotel sex gang convicted of trafficking Asian women

  6. Jack. Human trafficking Sep 28. Girl carries sack.

    Displaced Rohingyas at great risk of human trafficking in overwhelmed camps

    Human trafficking syndicates have long operated in southeastern Bangladesh. As vulnerable people pour in, these networks are plotting to open up ...
  7. Exhumed remains from Perlis death camp

    Malaysian rights group calls for crackdown on human trafficking

    Malaysian rights group SUHAKAM on Tuesday (Jul 18) lamented the lack of action taken by Malaysian authorities to crack down on human trafficking ...
  8. (pp) Tough jobs fisherman 2

    Asia's Toughest Jobs: The Thai fisherman sailing against tide of larger trawlers, dwindling supply

    In this series on Asia's toughest jobs, Channel NewsAsia's Pichayada Promchertchoo travels to the west coast of Thailand, where artisanal ...
  9. Rohingyas in Malaysia

    Rohingya refugees to be allowed to work in Malaysia from March

    The pilot project is expected to help address the human trafficking issue and prevent exploitation of the Rohingya as forced labour, says the ...