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  1. Hyflux Singapore (1)

    From making waves to drowning in red ink: Hyflux, Tuaspring and how a business giant came undone

    As Hyflux’s dramatic debt restructuring continues to unfold, its flagship Tuaspring desalination plant was taken over on Saturday (May 18) by PUB ...
  2. Hyflux Singapore (2)

    Hyflux announces third potential investor, with letter of interest to acquire overseas assets

    Hyflux has received a non-binding letter of interest from a potential investor, the water treatment firm said on Wednesday (May 15) in an update ...
  3. Hyflux Singapore logo and address

    UAE's Utico submits binding offer to invest in Hyflux: CEO

  4. Hyflux Singapore (1)

    Court dismisses application from seven unsecured banks to be carved out of Hyflux debt moratorium