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  1. North Korea parade

    North Korea holds military parade, without showing ICBMs

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    Commentary: 2018 a year to reckon with the North Korea threat

    North Korea has shown more determination than ever to accelerate its nuclear programme. It's only a matter of time before it's too late for a ...
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    Commentary: Kim Jong Un emerges from 2017 stronger

    North Korea's expanded missile and nuclear capabilities built up over 2017 has strengthened Kim Jong Un's position, says one observer from the US ...
  4. UN Security Council

    UN Security Council to meet on North Korea missile launch

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    Commentary: Containing North Korea our best bet, in a world of tough options

    Experts have suggested sanctions, isolation and increasing the pressure on China. The Brookings Institute’s Jeffrey A Bader argues that the world ...
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    Commentary: A North Korean nuclear weapon and the risk of weakened alliances, unchecked escalation

    The real reason why a North Korea nuclear weapon is so terrifying is not because of the threat of nuclear annihilation or its ability to hit the ...
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    Commentary: Isolate Pyongyang, limit the threat of North Korea’s ICBMs

    North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) hardly change the overall strategic calculus; the only practical policy course is to ...