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  1. A volunteer distributes face masks to internally displaced children, amid concerns over the spread

    In Syria's war-torn Idlib, travelling barbers bring children relief

    At a soccer stadium in Syria's Idlib re-purposed to shelter people displaced by war, children are being offered a service highly sought after ...
  2. Turkish President Erdogan speaks during a meeting in Istanbul

    Turkey's Erdogan asks Russia to stand aside in Syria

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday he had asked President Vladimir Putin for Russia to stand aside in Syria and let Turkey deal ...
  3. Internally displaced child looks out from a tent in Azaz

    UN says it fears 'bloodbath' in northwest Syria fighting

    The United Nations warned on Friday that fighting in northwest Syria could "end in a bloodbath" and called again for a ceasefire, while Moscow ...
  4. Turkish and Russian military vehicles return following a joint patrol in northeast Syria, as they a

    No relent in fighting in northwest Syria, deepening misery for civilians

    Turkey and Russia are discussing possible joint patrols as one way to reach a deal to halt fighting and stem an exodus of civilians in Syria's ...
  5. Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu speaks during a news conference in Tirana

    Turkey denies flouting agreement with Russia in Syria's Idlib province

    Turkey dismissed on Saturday Russian accusations that it has flouted de-escalation agreements with Russia and Iran in Syria's Idlib province, and ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: Displaced Syrian boys ride on a truck with belongings in northern Idlib

    Syria displacement is worst since conflict began in 2011: UN

    More people have fled fighting in Syria over the past 10 weeks than at any other time in the 9-year-old conflict and the city of Idlib, where many ...
  7. A displaced Syrian child who fled from southern Idlib walks under the rain in Afrin

    Russia holds key to Idlib's fate as Syrian army advances

    Wary of a confrontation with Turkey that could suck Moscow into a military quagmire, Russia is likely to take a gradual approach to helping the ...
  8. Turkish President Erdogan speaks during a news conference in Istanbul

    Erdogan says won't allow Syria to gain ground in Idlib

    Turkey will not allow the Syrian government to gain territory in the northwestern region of Idlib, President Tayyip Erdogan was quoted as saying ...
  9. Displaced Syrian boys ride on a truck with belongings in northern Idlib

    Cold and humiliated, Syrians displaced yet again by new Assad campaign

    Khaled Sabri and his family huddle in the makeshift shelter in northern Idlib, still shell-shocked after fleeing the sudden bombardment of their ...