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  1. Bug in cake gives Ikea India fresh embarrassment

    Bug in cake gives Ikea India fresh embarrassment

  2. IKEA

    IKEA to shut Norwegian in-town service and pick-up points amid cost cuts

    Furniture retailer IKEA will shut three city center stores in Norway as part of a drive to cut costs amid declining profits, the company said in a ...
  3. New Content Item

    Commentary: After many major headaches, IKEA opens in India. Will there be a happy ending?

    Can newly opened IKEA in Hyderabad be a success story? Unpredictable policy changes in India can pose more obstacles, says Financial Times' Amy ...
  4. Ikea India

    Ikea bets big on India but keeps meatballs off the menu

  5. IKEA plastic products

    IKEA to stop selling single-use plastic products by 2020

  6. Ikea Singapore

    Commentary: It's cheap innovations that will change the world

    Supercomputers and space travel get all the news. But much simpler technological advances are the ones that will reshape our world, says one ...
  7. Ikea Singapore

    IKEA Singapore gives Malaysian staff extra day of leave to vote in elections

    Malaysia’s 14th general election will fall on Wednesday (May 9), which has been declared a public holiday for the country. 
  8. Tom Dixon IKEA DELAKTIG 3

    Tom Dixon’s 'hackable' furniture will launch in Singapore IKEA next month

    The range allows users to modify pieces with backrests, side tables, lamps and other add-ons for the first time