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  1. Illegal entry boat

    Two men arrested after attempting to sail into Singapore illegally

    Two men have been arrested after they tried to sail into Singapore illegally.
  2. File photo of a Police Coast Guard vessel patrolling the shipping lanes near freight ships off the

    3 men arrested for unlawful entry into Singapore

  3. Overstayer

    Three men jailed for trying to smuggle overstayer out of Singapore

    The 32-year-old Bangladeshi overstayer was found crouched in a Malaysian-registered car attempting to leave Singapore.
  4. New Content Item

    2 men arrested while attempting to swim to Singapore

    The coast guard found the pair, aged 30 and 33, at around 1.10am swimming in the sea off Woodlands waterfront and heading towards Singapore waters.
  5. Swimmers

    2 arrested for trying to swim to Singapore illegally

    The Police Coast Guard and the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority spotted the two swimmers at the sea off Woodlands Waterfront in the early ...
  6. Eight indonesians arrested

    8 Indonesians arrested for immigration offences, contraband cigarettes

    They were caught in a three-hour enforcement blitz near Yew Tee Industrial Estate, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority says.
  7. man arrested for swimming

    Man arrested while trying to swim to Malaysia along Causeway

    The 30-year-old Bangladeshi national had overstayed in Singapore and was trying to leave illegally, says the police and Immigration & Checkpoints ...