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  1. Watain

    Swedish black metal band Watain's gig in Singapore cancelled due to 'security concerns'

  2. SingPost trucks

    SingPost to reduce postmen's workload in move to improve service standards

    Singapore Post (SingPost) announced new measures to improve its service quality on Thursday (Feb 7), as part of a review of its postal operations ...
  3. stock singpost 01

    SingPost fined S$100,000 for not delivering mail on time in 2017: IMDA

    Accepting the fine, SingPost announced measures to improve its service, such as hiring 100 additional postmen and extending mail delivery slots to ...
  4. file photo phone woman 1

    IMDA exploring tech to block automated scam calls, messages

  5. Rupaul's Drag Rage Werq the World

    RuPauls' Drag Race live show set to be rated by IMDA

  6. Iswaran

    Boosting the business of storytelling

    New initiatives announced at the Singapore Media Festival are helping local content creators reach a wider audience