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  1. Home Away From Home: The Italians
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    Ep 3: Home Away From Home: The Italians

    Italians Fabrizio Righi and Ifeoma Ubby both find ways to promote their distinctive cultures here in Singapore. How are they blending their ...
  2. Home Away From Home: The American And The British
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    Ep 2: Home Away From Home: The American And The British

    American John Mathis is a single father raising his daughter in Singapore, after his wife passed away. He is a linocut artist and gets inspiration ...
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    Ep 1: Home Away From Home: The French Families

    The Foucaud and the Le Chatelier families are among the 20,000-odd French nationals in Singapore. They have lived here for more than 10 years. ...
  4. George Floyd  Immigrant Activists

    US protests reveal generational divide in immigrant communities

    When protests began in a Minneapolis suburb after a white police officer fatally shot a black man, 21-year-old Fatumata Kromah took to the street, ...
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    Remember Our House

    After receiving a mysterious envelope of cash from a clan association after his grandfather’s death, documentary filmmaker Douglas Lan embarks on ...
  6. Japan’s Changing Faces
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    Ep 32: Japan’s Changing Faces

    COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates labour shortages in some parts of Japan, a Japanese inn turns to foreign workers for help and finds new meaning to ...
  7. Ep 3
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    Ep 3: Sounds Of Home

    From the whirring of trolley buses to the clacking of abacus in shops, composer Ng Sze Min attempts to recreate the sounds her grandparents ...
  8. Ep 2
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    Ep 2: The Hirayama Mystery

    After discovering a mysterious suitcase that once belonged to his late grandfather, Minoru Kawaguchi goes on an emotional journey to uncover the ...
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    New immigrants worry children are getting 'soft' in Singapore

    From shovelling dirt to killing chickens, it is a culture shock for three kids who make the journey back to their parents’ homelands to discover ...