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  1. Supporters of AAP celebrate after learning of the initial poll results outside its party headquarte

    India's ruling party routed in key state election

    India's ruling party was projected to lose a key state election on Tuesday, the vote count showed, in its first electoral test since deadly ...
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    Commentary: The stunning invincibility of Narendra Modi in India’s elections

    The BJP owes its crushing triumph in this election primarily to the positive image of Modi, says the Jindal School of International Affairs’ ...
  3. Exposing fake news before it spreads is a herculean task in India, where an estimated quarter of a

    Commentary: Social media an indispensable tool in India's elections. That's where the trouble starts

    Political parties have been turning to social media extensively this year, says Shashi Tharoor.
  4. Narendra Mohdi at Priyanka Chopra Jonas wedding

    Commentary: Celebrity politics in India is on the rise

    From Bollywood to cricket heroes, stars can do much more than simply encourage people to vote, say observers Erin Watson-Lynn and Shaun Star.
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    Commentary: Disrupted, India’s future hangs in the balance – and in hands of voters

    But the choice is clear given that Narendra Modi’s bold moves have been largely successful, says NUS Business School’s Sumit Agarwal.
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    Commentary: Why media outlets are fighting back against fake news in India

    The stakes are high when misinformation and fake news can spread fast in the country of 560 million Internet subscribers, senior lecturer at ...
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    Commentary: In India, job creation the biggest issue on voters’ minds

    India's working population can propel the economy if they can find productive employment with decent incomes, say Asit K Biswas and Cecilia Tortajada.
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    Commentary: What's at stake in India's elections

    When India became independent in 1947, few people expected the country to survive. Today, it has not only survived but also emerged as a thriving ...
  9. India’s unemployment a consuming topic leading up to elections | Video
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    India’s unemployment a consuming topic leading up to elections | Video

    Voters in India head to the polls on Apr 11 to choose their representatives in the Lok Sabha, the lower house of parliament. More than 8,000 ...