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    China criticises India over crashed drone on border

  2. Nepal floods

    At least 94 dead in monsoon disasters in Nepal and India

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    India kills five militants in Kashmir - army spokesman

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    Indian army chief tours border state with China amid tensions

  5. Scarves on sale outside the ground

    TV ad rates rocket ahead of India, Pakistan final

    Television advertising rates for Sunday's cricket final between India and Pakistan are 10 times the normal price, industry sources said, as ...
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    Cricket - TV ad rates rocket ahead of India, Pakistan final

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    India slams Pakistan over death sentence for 'spy'

    Any move to execute an Indian convicted by a Pakistani court-martial of spying would be "premeditated murder", New Delhi warned Islamabad on Monday.
  8. India college protest

    India students rally after woman threatened with rape

    Rallies were held in India's capital on Tuesday (Feb 28) in support of a student who received rape threats over her controversial remarks on ...
  9. India cadet training

    India names new military, spy chiefs

    India on Saturday (Dec 17) announced the names of the new army and airforce chief along with the heads of the country's spy agencies.