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    Commentary: A search for India’s vision for the Indo-Pacific as Modi speaks at Shangri-La Dialogue

    Observers will be looking for hints at how Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sees India’s role in the region amid geopolitical flux, says one ...
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    Commentary: The compelling case for ASEAN in the age of Trump

    The administration's attention to Southeast Asia has been surprising and ASEAN can play a key role in entrenching a US presence, says one observer ...
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    Commentary: A harder line on China is imminent

    US President Donald Trump's visit to Asia seemed to indicate a softer approach to Beijing. Don't count on it, says the Council on Foreign ...
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    Commentary: Why the Indo Pacific will keep trumping the Asia Pacific

    Some say the Indo Pacific is a faddish new term or heralds a strategy to contain China but Australian National University’s Rory Medcalf ...
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    Commentary: The Indo Pacific, a security diamond, a 10-year Quad?

    A strategic framework for a free and open Indo Pacific involving the US, Australia, Japan and India has been around for a while, says Yale-NUS ...
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    Commentary: A free and open Indo Pacific, a key message for Trump's Asia trip?

    US Donald Trump is likely to articulate this theme during his Asia trip, says the Centre for Strategic Studies' Michael J Green.