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  1. West Papua quake Dec 28

    Magnitude 5.8 quake rattles Indonesia's West Papua

  2. A plume of ash rises as Anak Krakatau erupts in Indonesia

    Indonesia issues 'extreme weather' warning for tsunami-hit coast near Krakatoa

    Indonesian authorities warned on Wednesday of "extreme weather and high waves" around the erupting Anak Krakatau volcano, urging people to stay ...
  3. Sumbar Jaya

    Prayers, fear in tsunami-struck Indonesian towns as toll tops 400

  4. Ifan and Dylan Seventeen

    Singer of pop band Seventeen to bury wife killed in Indonesia tsunami

  5. Evacuees eat shelter Indonesia tsunami

    Sick, hungry Indonesia tsunami survivors cram shelters

  6. Bani seventeen band indonesia tsunami

    Funerals held for Seventeen band members killed in Indonesian tsunami