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  1. Second Minister for Education Indranee Rajah in an interview with CNA938

    Agencies need better coordination to reach out to those in need, says Indranee Rajah

  2. indranee rajah nus social service research conference

    Meritocracy not to blame; Indranee spells out 4G team's approach to tackle inequality

  3. Indranee Rajah parliament 5 March

    New UPLIFT Programme Office to improve coordination between schools, community for disadvantaged students

    This is one of two initiatives announced on Tuesday (Mar 5) by Second Minister for Education Indranee Rajah, who was speaking about the work of ...
  4. SWOs1

    ‘We are here to help, not to judge’: Helping parents key to tackling long-term absenteeism in schools

    There are existing programmes in schools to target the issue, which has been in the spotlight recently. But while each disadvantaged family faces ...
  5. Ms Indranee Rajah at REACH Budget 2019 dialogue

    Budget 2019 plans for both short- and long-term needs: Indranee

  6. Indranee Rajah talkback

    Government will help businesses transform, reduce reliance on foreign manpower: Indranee Rajah

    Speaking on radio station 938Now's Talkback show, the Second Minister for Finance and Education said automation can help businesses cut down on ...
  7. UPLIFT engagement 1

    More coordination among agencies, schools needed to help disadvantaged children, says social services sector

    This was a key issue highlighted an engagement session held by a taskforce headed by Second Minister for Education Indranee Rajah.
  8. Indranee Rajah, minister in the Prime Minister's Office.

    Stop thinking of people in terms of social class or income: Indranee Rajah

    Speaking at a dialogue and closed door screening of the Channel NewsAsia documentary “Regardless of Class” on Monday (Oct 29), Ms Indranee pointed ...