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  1. An anti-Brexit protestor rides a bicycle with Union Jack flag and European Union flag attached to i

    Commentary: How the Labour party failed to connect with the working class - and lost the UK election

    Team Corbyn ran a woeful campaign and failed pretty badly in connecting with many Brits, says University of Sterling’s Eric Shaw.
  2. Cleaner

    Commentary: Small changes, big differences for a left-behind security guard and a hospital cleaner

    Thoughtful employment practices can boost the social mobility of low-wage workers, says MWS’ Cindy Ng.
  3. Workers walk across London Bridge as they head for the City of London

    Commentary: How the West lost its way and what can be done to restore social mobility

    What many advanced economies need are comprehensive programmes that enhance economic security and social engagement, says Helmut K Anheier.
  4. File photo of Google app

    Commentary: Why having access to your Google and Facebook data can be life-changing

    In places where no alternative record exists, or where records have been destroyed by conflict or disaster, our data trail can help unlock ...
  5. Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing, chairman of CK Hutchison Holdings, meets journalists as he formally r

    Commentary: Reverence for the rich and powerful hold Hong Kong back from badly needed reforms

    The movement should be taking aim at vested economic interests that have entrenched inequality but do not, says the City University of Hong Kong’s ...
  6. FILE PHOTO: A teacher teaches Chinese language to kids in a school at Namtit, Wa territory in north

    Perils of gender and geography hamper global development, report finds

    Despite steady development gains, a child's birthplace is still the biggest predictor of its future health, and no matter which country you're ...
  7. canned food given out to needy

    Commentary: Reduce waste by redistributing food surplus to those in need

    Ensuring that food is not wasted and can be redistributed to those who are food-insecure must be a national vision, says NMP Anthea Ong.
  8. FILE PHOTO: Clothes are seen on display inside the Barneys New York the luxury department store in

    Commentary: The death of the department store and a dwindling middle class

    Department stores are collapsing. The Internet is part of the problem, but so too is the hollowing out of the middle class, say two Swinburne ...
  9. Crying can make you feel better

    Commentary: Catalysing help to overcome inequality in all its forms

    As a society, we can come together to bridge the shortfall and narrow the gaps by giving people a hand-up and not a hand-out, says Temasek ...
  10. FILE PHOTO: An employee collects items ordered by customers through the company's t

    Commentary: The worker in the US is getting poorer while working harder

    Many low-wage workers in the United States who rely on public benefits may lose access to some or all of those benefits if they earn more, says ...