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  1. File photo of having the flu

    Commentary: 'Whooping cough', the 100-day cough that just can't seem to go away

    People can get whooping cough at any age, but children and those with a weak immune system have a higher risk of complications, says one observer.
  2. New Content Item

    Aggressive sanitizing at home lowers post-hospital MRSA risk

  3. New Content Item

    HIV prevention drugs could dramatically cut new infections

  4. New Content Item

    Britain reports two separate cases of rare monkeypox infection

  5. Cold medicine

    Humans can identify infected peers from a photo

  6. antibiotics

    Finish your antibiotics course? Maybe not, experts say

    British disease experts on Thursday suggested doing away with the "incorrect" advice to always finish a course of antibiotics, saying the approach ...
  7. Prince Philip

    Britain's Prince Philip, 96, in hospital with infection

  8. Platelet transfusion at TTSH

    Commentary: At life's end, do we want to spend our last days in the hospital?

    What we want out of care at the end of our lives is a good starting point for how we should design our palliative care system, argues Dr Cynthia Goh.