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  1. Neelofa

    Actress and entrepreneur Neelofa on celebrating Hari Raya in the new normal

    Kelantan-born actress, TV personality and fashion entrepreneur Neelofa tells CNA Luxury how she’s facing the ongoing pandemic, dressing up during ...
  2. Singapore social media influencers

    Bye travel, hello TikTok: How Singapore’s influencers cope with the circuit breaker measures

    Stuck at home, no travelling and brands dropping their marketing budgets. Many social media personalities have had to adapt to stay afloat and ...
  3. nyc influencer screengrab
    Media playtime

    New York Fashion Week: How influencers stand out from the crowd | Video

    Influencers have the power to change the buying habits of consumers, and companies are taking note, with many shifting their advertising budgets ...
  4. Angry Millennials will save the planet Hero

    According to a Dutch professor, angry millennials will save our planet

    Psychology professor Mark van Vugt of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam says that it’s these angry millennials that politicians should pay ...
  5. Nanoinfluencers 1

    The rise of social media 'nano-influencers'

    Forget Instagram superstars. Consumer brands are now turning to lesser-known social media influencers, known as nano-influencers, to help market ...