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  1. Hard hit by COVID-19, India's social media influencers seek reinvention | Video
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    Hard hit by COVID-19, India's social media influencers seek reinvention | Video

    The COVID-19 pandemic has hit India’s social media influencers hard, with one report saying the industry's revenue could drop by 90 per cent by ...
  2. Social media influencer trends
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    Social media influencer trends

    From radio DJ Dee Kosh to media personality Xiaxue, Singapore’s social media influencers have been making the news lately — but not in the way ...
  3. BC-WELL-KIDFLUENCERS-JUNK-FOOD-ART-NYTSF — Popular YouTube channels often bombard young children wi

    Are popular YouTubers influencing our children with hidden junk food ads?

    Studies show that children are unable to distinguish between commercials and cartoons until they are eight or nine years old.
  4. How is Triller luring TikTok influencers to its platform?

    US app Triller is luring TikTok influencers to its platform with fancy cars and fine dining

    While the US government continues its threat to ban Chinese social media app TikTok, rival American platform Triller is luring TikTok creators ...
  5. Chiara Ferragni Instagram_mod

    'Don't be selfish': Pandemic offers social media influencers captive audiences

    Some have been sharing their experiences living with the virus, others encourage encourage people to work out and “not freak out”.
  6. Composite Logan Paul Zoella PewDiePie

    Commentary: It looks glamorous and fun, but most social media influencers are like unpaid interns

    Increasing numbers of children, and adults, want to be social media influencers. They would be better off aspiring to be astronauts, says RMIT ...
  7. FLY Entertainment artiste Jaime Teo makes sure she exercises six days a week. Photo: Alvin Teo

    How these #fitspos kick-started their active lifestyles and never looked back

    Having enjoyed the perks of being trim and toned, Jaime Teo and Norbin Ngoh now want others to follow in their footsteps, exercise regularly and ...
  8. Fashion and style influencer Andrea Chong. Photo: Alvin Teo

    The ‘always on’ lives behind those popular Instagram posts and viral videos

    Step into the shoes of one of Singapore’s most-followed fashion influencers Andrea Chong and sibling duo of YouTube channel UrbanXtremeMonkeys. In ...
  9. Inappropriate photos at Chernobyl Instagram

    Instagrammers are posing for ‘inappropriate’ sexy shots at Chernobyl

    With the HBO series becoming a hit, social media users have flocked to the nuclear disaster site to pose for some questionable photos.