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  1. Chinese nationals in Pakistan

    US warns Pakistan of risks from China infrastructure push

  2. Controlled explosions demolish two of the pylons of the Morandi bridge almost one year since a sect

    Controlled explosions demolish remains of collapsed Italy bridge

  3. Hamilton Mourao

    Brazil wants China to invest in its infrastructure projects

  4. Tanjung Priok

    Commentary: Indonesia dreams of becoming a maritime fulcrum but obstacles stand in the way

    The Belt and Road Initiative can provide Indonesia financial and technical support. but they can only benefit if they understand how seaborn and ...
  5. New Content Item

    Commentary: How to tackle the next big blackout before it happens

    The energy industry is not immune from climate change’s many threats, and society must both mitigate and adapt, researchers say.
  6. Tourists shield themselves with umbrellas on a hot day at the Merlion Park in Singapore

    Commentary: How to make cities more walkable

    To make cities more walkable, city planners and leaders need to understand the factors that influence our journeys, Professor Ruth Dalton at ...
  7. New Content Item

    Commentary: China dreams big with the world's longest sea bridge

    The bridge is setting the stage for the next phase of China’s transformation, says one observer.