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  1. Flyte Buda Ball

    Air purifiers, levitating stress balls: The most creative Kickstarter projects

    From the quirky to the ambitious, we round up the most creative Kickstarter campaigns running right now.
  2. New Content Item

    Sri Lanka: The island of ingenuity

    A thriving hub of technological innovation, the island country is making huge waves in the global tech space.
  3. New Content Item

    Toshiba progresses with integrated innovations bearing fruit

    Toshiba’s implementation of Cyber Physical Systems is showing what the future holds for cities across the world
  4. Mercedez Benz Vison AVTR

    An Avatar-like car and a self-rotating TV: 5 cool new tech from CES 2020

    As the annual consumer electronics show draws to a close, CNA Luxury rounds up the most buzz-worthy tech unveiled.
  5. Accenture Main

    The stark reality of innovation

    While ASEAN companies are investing heavily in innovation, they need to make bigger, more strategic leaps to seize new opportunities.
  6. NParks digital tree management system wins tech award | Video
    Media playtime

    NParks digital tree management system wins tech award | Video

    Ten organisations have been given the highest accolade of technology innovation at the Singapore Digital Techblazer Awards. The award recipients ...
  7. Composite picture of tech and manufacturing firms in China.

    Commentary: The new wave of Chinese tech champions you never heard of but should know

    In China, many tech start-ups are quietly working away to create the next tsunami of disruption, says IMD Business School’s Dr Mark Greeven.
  8. Photograph taken using a GoPro.

    Commentary: Most innovation originate from customers, not companies

    The role of ordinary people in innovation is largely overlooked, says University of Southern Denmark's Tim Schweisfurth.
  9. Main 4

    Local talent, global impact

    Armed with an international mindset and a can-do spirit, Singaporeans are making waves at work and putting Singapore on the map.
  10. Indeed Max Tan

    Passing on the code of coaching

    A passion for coding, ignited when he programmed his first game at the age of 12, now sees Mr Max Tan’s creations reach millions around the world.