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  1. Singapore night skyline

    Commentary: Are Singapore businesses just not creative enough?

    Creating an environment that encourages employees to think differently is necessary for companies to grow, says one observer.
  2. Singapore workers-raffles

    Commentary: Core to growth, yet productivity has lost its shine

    Productivity has been central to the global growth story and Singapore is best placed to lead the way in the struggle for greater productivity, ...
  3. test drive truck on electrified road

    Sweden unveils world's first road that recharges vehicles

  4. Davao oil 1

    Recycled cooking oil fuels green possibilities in Davao

  5. Grab chief Lim Kell Jay

    Commentary: Budget 2018's pervasive innovation vision needs more success stories

    More stories from innovation torchbearers are needed to show firms competing in traditional sectors can disrupt market rules that seem to be cast ...
  6. NUS graduation 2

    Commentary: Asia’s growing impact on global higher education

    Amid major shifts in the higher education landscape in Asia, universities must ensure their education remains relevant and seize new opportunities ...