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  1. Sri Lanka's New Fault Lines
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    Ep 21: Sri Lanka's New Fault Lines

    Ten years after the end of one of the most brutal and devastating wars in Sri Lanka, the emotional, physical and psychological wounds of the war ...
  2. Pakatan's New Malaysia
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    Ep 20: Pakatan's New Malaysia

    It came into office with a bold promise to create a new and reformed Malaysia, better known as "Malaysia Baru" - a progressive nation that ...
  3. Vietnam's Trafficked Brides
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    Ep 13: Vietnam's Trafficked Brides

    Thousands of Vietnamese girls have been trafficked into China and forced to marry Chinese men. Can the practice be stopped?
  4. CNA+: is the vision of "Malaysia Baru" illusion or reality?
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    Ep 176: CNA+: is the vision of "Malaysia Baru" illusion or reality?

    Insight investigates if the vision of "Malaysia Baru" or the "New Malaysia" an illusion or a reality?
  5. Digital Iron Curtain
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    Ep 19: Digital Iron Curtain

    The deepening trade war between the US and China has threatened to divide the world into two economic and technological blocs. Each country is now ...
  6. Terror Threat: Post-ISIS Era
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    Ep 11: Terror Threat: Post-ISIS Era

    After the collapse of the Caliphate in Syria and Iraq, will Asia be the next fertile ground for ISIS's resurrection?
  7. Hong Kong: A City On Edge
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    Ep 12: Hong Kong: A City On Edge

    What really lies at the core of the widespread opposition against Hong Kong's extradition bill?
  8. Duterte: The Next Three Years
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    Ep 17: Duterte: The Next Three Years

    Duterte allies have secured a resounding victory in mid-term elections but could the President's hardline war on drugs cast a long shadow over his ...
  9. Imran Khan: One Year On
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    Ep 16: Imran Khan: One Year On

    Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan confronts daunting challenges - a sinking economy and the nation's worsening relations with India. Can he ...
  10. Japan's Demographic Time Bomb
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    Ep 15: Japan's Demographic Time Bomb

    Japan tackles traditional values to deal with a labour shortage, sparked by rapidly decreasing birth rates and an ageing society.