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  1. RASID (20)

    This farmer gave 600 homes cheap electricity that the power company couldn't

    At first, he was mocked for being “crazy”. But now, even the national electric company wants to buy his DIY hydro-power operation - and it all ...
  2. inspirasian kembara 7

    United, they feed Malaysia's hungry: The kitchen where race and creed don't matter

    From struggling single parents to wealthy datuks, this group of CNA Insider InspirAsians – who come from across the country – all have something ...
  3. (ry) sanny 1

    Social network founder turns champion for exploited farmers in Indonesia

    Three months after the launch of farm-to-home app RegoPantes (or “fair price”), farmers are already seeing their income nearly double. Is this the ...
  4. inspirasian kelvin wan hope 7

    Once too poor for $1-lunch, hero now rallies a town to bring hope to families

    T-shirt salesman Kelvin Wan used his modest income to help families in Kuching - until his own family couldn’t afford it anymore. Then this CNA ...
  5. rumah solehah 13

    The matron who heals with tough love, in her shelter for those with HIV

    To care for HIV-positive women who have been shunned by their families and stigmatised by Malaysian society, this CNA Insider InspirAsian gave up ...
  6. (ry) Bang Jack (5)

    Car park attendant's gift of a school, to children too poor to afford it

    Poverty forced Undang Suryaman to drop out of school. Now, he wants to give every child in his village the education he couldn’t afford - even if ...