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    Ep 2: Bits, Bytes And Bugs!

    The "Internet of things" has empowered us, and even enriched our lives. But it's also made us more vulnerable to hacks. Comedian Fakkah Fuzz ...
  2. Power Balance
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    Ep 19: Power Balance

    The post-pandemic balance of power between the world's two largest economies - who will come out on top, the United States or China, and what does ...
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    Huawei 5G: How the new wireless network standard will change the way we work and play

    With its ultra-high data rate and super-low latency, 5G is poised to unlock experiences previously deemed impossible.
  4. The super-smart, hyper-connected future of motoring

    The super-smart, hyper-connected future of motoring

    5G technology will take motoring to new levels of connectivity and convenience.
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    Fearful of data breaches? Here are 4 ways to be IoT Smart with your connected devices

    With data leaks becoming more common, safeguarding your privacy and security has never been more paramount, says Rajnesh Singh, Regional Director ...
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    Commentary: The next frontier for Southeast Asia's growth? Digital skills

    The digital economy should be a new ASEAN Economic Community pillar, says one senior analyst from the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies.
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    My baby monitor started a cyberattack? IoT industry suffering from security growth pains

    There are currently no established Internet of Things security standards, and Singapore recognises that steps need to be taken to ensure minimum ...
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    Switch mobile operator without changing SIM cards? IMDA wants feedback on eSIM tech

    Embedded SIM cards are expected to facilitate greater choice of mobile operators and more competitive plans for devices, says an IMDA executive.
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    Commentary: The next tech superpower? China

    Now is the time for China to put its technological and diplomatic skills on display in its quest for superpower status, say two observers.