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  1. An investor looks at a stock quotation board at a brokerage office in Beijing

    Commentary: Investors will soon struggle to find assets to put their cash in

    Demand for goods the money can be spent on has disappeared as businesses see little need for new capital spending to meet market demand that does ...
  2. FILE PHOTO: Employees work at a production line in the clean room of Semiconductor Manufacturing In

    Commentary: In the midst of COVID-19 outbreak, look out for these promising sectors

    Besides the ones taking the biggest hit now, there are other sectors to look out for that are poised for a rebound once the virus dies out, says ...
  3. Lunar New Year Special
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    Ep 35: Lunar New Year Special

    Enter the Year of the Rat - and we examine how rat-like characteristics can help you invest better. And, how to pick fast and nimble companies ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: Picture illustration of a 3D printed Apple logo in front of a displayed stock graph

    Commentary: Investors, beware Apple’s impending share price crunch

    In 2019, Apple's financial strategy consisted primarily of repurchasing its own shares, which had the effect of boosting the stock price ...
  5. Investing in plant-based meat

    What you need to know about investing in plant-based meat in 2020

    As plant-based meats become a standard offering on menus and in supermarket aisles, we look at why sustainability-minded investors are drawn to ...
  6. The Smart Way
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    Ep 24: The Smart Way

    Man or machine - should AI or fund managers do your investing? And, can a small investor be a property developer & owner? Plus, raising gender ...
  7. Making An Impact
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    Ep 22: Making An Impact

    Foreign property buyers make a comeback. Plus, investing to make an impact. And, how Singapore can live with rising sea levels?
  8. When it comes to stock market investing, humility might be the best strategy

    When it comes to stock market investing, humility might be the best strategy

    After lifelong attempts at trying to outsmart the markets, one investor has come to realise that he cannot predict the future.
  9. Shopback held a Facebook live stream in November 2018.

    Commentary: Beyond loans and grants, Singapore entrepreneurs should seek out equity investments to grow their companies

    The venture capital world pays close attention to which start-ups get investments from the who's who of the investment world, says NUS ...