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  1. Investing in wine Burgundy Domaine Romanee Conti

    Wine investment: With Fine Burgundy prices declining, has the bubble burst?

    It’s the question many investors are now asking themselves.
  2. Main 4

    Local talent, global impact

    Armed with an international mindset and a can-do spirit, Singaporeans are making waves at work and putting Singapore on the map.
  3. Indeed Max Tan

    Passing on the code of coaching

    A passion for coding, ignited when he programmed his first game at the age of 12, now sees Mr Max Tan’s creations reach millions around the world.
  4. David Satish Lena

    Creating an inclusive culture in a diverse workforce

    A regional supplies head at HP Inc (Asia-Pacific and Japan), Mr David Tan values and promotes interaction and collaboration among his team members.
  5. GSK Hwee Yee 13

    Making a global impact by embracing diversity

    Overseeing seven international manufacturing plants at GSK, Ms Yong Hwee Yee is driving the pharmaceuticals industry to new heights, and improving ...
  6. Citi San San Main

    Maximising opportunities, and learning from the best, every day

    An open and inclusive culture has been key in helping Ms Chan San-San make her mark globally.
  7. FILE PHOTO:  Sign for STAR Market is seen after the listing ceremony of the first batch of companie

    Top investors lose US$1 billion as China's Nasdaq-style board reverses on day two

    The biggest shareholders in China's new Nasdaq-style STAR Market lost a combined US$1 billion in the second day of trade on Tuesday, a day after ...
  8. How to invest in jewellery

    Jewellery investment: Advice on how to navigate the current volatile market

    The volatile, and often opaque, nature of the jewellery market means that while gems can be a good store of value, they are not always a good ...
  9. Hyflux Singapore

    Hyflux, UAE utility firm Utico 'progressing' towards S$400m deal

  10. SGX

    Singapore Exchange makes changes to delisting rules