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  1. Whiskies finished in wine casks

    How whisky makers are differentiating themselves amid the whisky boom

    Distilleries are releasing more distinctive whiskies that have undergone a secondary maturation in still wine casks. But are they worth collecting?
  2. FILE PHOTO: The Wider Image: A climate-change frontier in the world's northernmost town

    Big Oil undermines UN climate goals with US$50b of new projects: Report

    Major oil companies have approved US$50 billion of projects since last year that will not be economically viable if governments implement the ...
  3. When it comes to stock market investing, humility might be the best strategy

    When it comes to stock market investing, humility might be the best strategy

    After lifelong attempts at trying to outsmart the markets, one investor has come to realise that he cannot predict the future.
  4. Securing The Future
    Media playtime

    Ep 20: Securing The Future

    CBD office rents hit a 10-year high. And, passing on your legacy to future generations. Plus, EDB Chairman, Beh Swan Gin on the investments that ...
  5. Investing in wine Burgundy Domaine Romanee Conti

    Wine investment: With Fine Burgundy prices declining, has the bubble burst?

    It’s the question many investors are now asking themselves.
  6. Main 4

    Local talent, global impact

    Armed with an international mindset and a can-do spirit, Singaporeans are making waves at work and putting Singapore on the map.
  7. Indeed Max Tan

    Passing on the code of coaching

    A passion for coding, ignited when he programmed his first game at the age of 12, now sees Mr Max Tan’s creations reach millions around the world.
  8. David Satish Lena

    Creating an inclusive culture in a diverse workforce

    A regional supplies head at HP Inc (Asia-Pacific and Japan), Mr David Tan values and promotes interaction and collaboration among his team members.