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  1. FILE PHOTO: A principal greets students as they return to New York City's public schools for i

    COVID-19 mask mandates latest flashpoint for US schools

    Two days after the school board in Johnston, Iowa, decided last week to keep requiring mask wearing in schools to prevent coronavirus ...
  2. Virus Outbreak Alabama

    US to reallocate COVID-19 shots to states with greater interest

    The Biden administration will begin shifting how it allocates COVID-19 shots to states, moving doses from states with lower demand to those with ...
  3. Farming Bizarre Years

    US farmers finally see better outlook after 2 odd years

    In 43 years of farming, Morey Hill had seen crop-destroying weather, rock-bottom prices, trade fights and surges in government aid, but not until ...
  4. FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: Trump supporters protest during a Stop the Steal rally at the U.S. Capitol

    Student, retired firefighter charged in US Capitol riots

    Federal authorities arrested a retired firefighter and a fashion student, both from New York, and a man from Iowa on Monday (Jan 18) in the ...
  5. A man receives the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) test

    New US COVID-19 cases up 34% last week, set fresh records

    The coronavirus pandemic raged across the United States last week, as the country elected a new president, with the daily number of new infections ...
  6. Outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Hayward

    US COVID-19 deaths near 190,000; Iowa and South Dakota emerge as new hotspots

    Coronavirus deaths in the United States were approaching 190,000 on Wednesday along with a spike in new cases in the U.S. Midwest with states like ...
  7. New Content Item

    Biden slips, 2020 rival Warren answers critics on health costs

    Joe Biden's standing in the Democratic presidential nomination battle has slipped in Iowa against top rivals including Elizabeth Warren, the ...